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Businesses For Sale at BusinessRoute

Welcome to Business Route the right route for buying or selling a business. This site has specifically been designed to make the process as easy as possible. You will find this site packed with useful articles covering every aspect of buying a business or company as well as useful tips on financing and due diligence.

Business route is different as we are serious about matching only quality opportunities to serious buyers. This means that we do not accept any business for sale on this site that does not have a current for sale price or financial information. We also actively moderate and approve all listings to ensure they are real opportunities and not the "get rich quick" schemes that are all too often seen on other sites. This means that you have real results that will save you time when you search our listings. If you're looking for a company in receivership, liquidation or administration please visit our other site Companies in Receivership.

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    If you are selling you will see that all of our buyers are registered and complete a range of information that will help you to qualify the enquiry. This ensures that you spend the time on serious applicants, rather than the white wash approach on other sites that makes dealing with sales enquiries so difficult.

    To get started use the search box to look for opportunities, you can search by business sector, location or price. You can also join as an applicant and we will notify you of any new matches that meet your requirements.

    If you are looking to sell a business or company, we offer a completely free listing service with a wide range of unique features that will help you to qualify buyers, as well as search our database of active applicants to make approaches to buyers pro actively.

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