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In this articles section of the site you can search a wide range of well written articles to help with many common areas of buying, growing, or selling a business or a company. We would recommend articles in this section as essential basic reading for any entrepreneur no matter how experienced. If you would like to comment on any of these articles or supply useful articles for us to post here then please contact us.

72 - A Guide to Buying an Estate Agency
Buying an Estate Agency - The Guide from Business Route, Finding and marking property for sale is the job of an estate agent, while settling documents and deeds is work for a licensed conveyor, or a solicitor.

71 - A Guide to Buying a DVD Shop
Buying a DVD Shop - The Guide from Business Route, DVD rental shop. People still enjoy movies, and renting DVDs, videos, and video games is something nearly every household does at least occasionally.

70 - A Guide to Buying a Day Nursery
Buying a Day Nursery - The Guide from Business Route, day nursery entrepreneurs enter the business far more out of a love of children than out of an expectation of large profits, one can make a living as a child care provider, but one is unlikely to get rich.

69 - A Guide to Buying a Convenience Store
Buying a Convenience Store - The Guide from Business Route, convenience stores rely more on where they are and the hours they keep than on what they stock, and because of that, they tend to do well even in markets that are not always prosperous.

68 - A Guide to Buying a Clothes Shop
Buying a Clothes Shop - The Guide from Business Route, a clothing business has the advantage that every person requires clothing, and can expect to spend a significant part of their income on that clothing, so how do you go about buying such a business?

67 - A Guide to Buying a Car Hire Business
Buying a Car Hire Business - The Guide from Business Route, the future for car hire businesses seems promising, buying and maintaining a car is a significant expense that many people are foregoing.

66 - A Guide to Buying a Cafe
Buying a Cafe - The Guide from Business Route, buying and selling the right products at the right prices, marketing to the right target audiences and setting up shop in the right locations.

65 - A Guide to Buying a Beauty Salon
Buying a Beauty Salon - The Guide from Business Route, this type of business a profitable, good service means repeat business and staff are easy to recruit, so what else should you know?

64 - A Guide to Buying a Bakery
Buying a Bakery - The Guide, Business Route examines the things that should be taken into consideration, and these will help the process go more smoothly and hopefully answer questions that there might be and help in making a final decision.

63 - A Guide on Buying an Art Gallery
Buying an Art Gallery - The Guide, our steps provide a guide to the ownership of an art gallery and some tips for potential owners of art galleries.

62 - Your Business Marketing Plan
Making a good marketing plan, an established business requires such a plan in order to respond to the changing needs of the marketplace, new business requires a thorough and assertive marketing plan in order to attract investors.

61 - Could You Run Your Own Business - All you need to know
Attributes needed to run your own business, for those new to business and who may be wondering if they are suited to the life of an entrepreneur.

60 - Structure Your Business Plan
Types of Business Plan Structures, a consolidation of all of the best practices relating to business plan formation.

59 - Business Plan Maintenance
Maintaining Your Business Plan, there are constantly going to be changes in the market and business conditions, maintaining and updating your business plan is an important part of keeping a business on track.

58 - Business Plan Planning
Planning The Business Plan and Gathering Information, all your business plan really has to be is a solid, well-written road map for your business to follow to success.

57 - Business Plan Mistakes
Top Mistakes When Writing a Business Plan, the best way for you to give yourself the upper hand is to avoid the eight most common mistakes that relate to writing and using business plans.

56 - Business Plan Reasons
Reasons to Write a Business Plan, one of the absolute most important things that you can do to ensure success for your company is to write a business plan.

55 - Marketing Savings
How to Save Money on Marketing, purchasing an already-established business will allow you to avoid the hassles of startup costs, so how do you go about determining the market value?

54 - Setting a Purchase Price
Putting a Price on Business When Buying, purchasing an already-established business will allow you to avoid the hassles of startup costs, so how do you go about determining the market value?

53 - Setting a Value For Your Business
Valuing Your Business for Sale, negotiations cannot happen without a starting price, pricing too high may result in buyers assuming that you aren't willing to go as low as they would like.

52 - Purchasing Businesses Abroad
Advice for Buying Businesses Abroad, purchasing a business abroad is a risky move, it involves far more aspects than purchasing a local company, and can result in stiff penalties action if not done correctly.

51 - Businesses Failures
Reasons Why Businesses Fail, understanding the reasons why businesses, especially small ones, tend to fail is imperative to a company wishing for success.

50 - Staff Retention
Ways To Retain Your Staff, the loss of staff results in many burdens, including costs and time to recruit, train and settling in, retaining staff isn't that difficult if you do the right things.

49 - Planning Tips for Your Business Plan
Tips for Writing a Business Plan, when writing a business plan, figuring out exactly where you should get started in order to produce the most thorough, most effective plan for your company can be difficult.

48 - Spam Avoidance
How to Avoid Spam, how to cut down on the endless stream of commercial e-mail garbage that is flooding your inbox every single day.

47 - Pitfalls and Legal Tips
Legal Tips and Pitfalls When Selling a Business, our tips and ideas are invaluable for walking a business owner the sale their business without any undue stress.

46 - Recruit with Confidence
Recruitment advice for your business, there are some definite advantages to doing your own recruiting, and certainly, building a trusted and skilled team is the backbone of any business.

45 - Venture Capital
Ways to raise venture capital, there are numerous venture capitalists who are seeking yet-unproven companies with the potential for success and willing to take a chance.

44 - Getting Financing
Ways to raise finance, there are many different methods of raising finance, and careful consideration must be made before a method is decided upon.

43 - Banking Advice
Advice on Business Banking, taking the time to choose the right bank is vital, to complete your transactions and properly handle your money.

42 - Avoid Paying Too Much National Insurance
Tips on ways to Avoid National Insurance, there are several tips that should be followed. These simple suggestions and functions will make the process straight forward and relatively easy.

41 - Premises, Lease or Buy?
Pros and Cons of Leasing or Buying Premises, as a business owner or future business owner it is imperative that details of property are researched with respect to cost, element, and traffic.

40 - Advice - Intellectual Property
(IP) Intellectual Property Advice , Intellectual property includes such terms as patents, trademarks and copyrights.

39 - Book and Record Keeping
Record Keeping and Book Keeping , for business owners, proper bookkeeping can be very important to keeping a business afloat.

38 - Glossary of Business Terms
A Glossary of Business Terms , a glossary containing several common business terms, listed in alphabetical order.

37 - Advice on Stationery
Tips on Stationery for Your Business, stationery comes in all different colors and sizes. Designs and logos can be added to it by computer or by order.

36 - Bank Loan Guide
A Guide to Getting a Loan from Your Bank, there are several different loan types available for business purposes but how can a person guarantee that they can qualify for any of those options?

35 - Winning Grants from The Government
How to Get Government Grants, a government grant is a form of funding which is targeted at a very specific goal and which requires oversight at every stage.

34 - People Networking Tips
Tips on Networking With Other People, networking is one of the most important skills that you can learn to help further your career.

33 - Business Major Course
What Sort of Business Courses Should You Take, with a business major you can find yourself prepared for positions in the private sector, in companies all around the world.

32 - What Can Finance Brokers Do For You
What are Finance Brokers and What Can They Do For You, a finance broker is someone who gives you advice to help you make money.

31 - Managers Buying Their Company
Ways for Management to Buy Their Company, By buying the company, management can also achieve stability for the company and for their own jobs, so how is it done?

30 - Could Divorce Could Affect Your Business
How Divorce Could Affect Your Business, a divorce can have a dramatic impact on your company's future, how can someone deal with this in reality?

29 - Website Compliance for the Disabilities Act
Meeting Website Compliance for the Disabilities Act, potential for increased business is greater when you can make your business accessible to everyone that may have an interest in it.

28 - Mission Statement
How to Create a Mission Statement, A mission statement represents the values of the company and, ultimately, the employees who work there.

27 - Conducting Market Research
How to Effectively Carry Out Market Research, If you have a product to sell, who do you plan to sell it to? You know that the consumer can use it but how can you ensure that people will buy it?

26 - Are you Due Diligence?
Time to sell is time for Due Diligence, How to Ensure That Everything Is In Place When the Time Comes to Sell.

25 - Looking For Premises
What to Look For When Finding Premises, Do you ever wonder why one business is very successful while another business that sells the same type of product struggles?

24 - 10 Ways to Build Good Customer Relationships
Building Good Customer Relationships, it can cost roughly three times as much to find a new customer than it can to keep an existing one, here are 10 ways to stop that happening.

23 - Professional Insurance
Protect Your Business with Professional Indemnity Insurance, it is important to protect yourself, as one day you may have to deal with a claim lodged against you by a dissatisfied client or customer.

22 - Board of Directors Responsibilities
Responsibilities of Directors, The Board of Directors behave as an advisor exercising business judgment for the sake of the company and the entire executive team.

21 - Finding Non-Executive Directors
What Are Non-Executive Directors, how to find one and what do they bring to your business, the role of the non-executive director is becoming increasingly important when it comes to modern corporate governance.

20 - Disaster Recovery Plan
Prevent Disaster Recovery by Backing Up Data, Regardless of whether you are running a small business, or a giant corporation, one of the most valuable assets that you have is the electronic data that keeps it running.

19 - How to Find a Lawyer
Is finding a lawyer an expensive process?, In many cases, a competent lawyer with experience handling your particular kind of situation is enough and should be right within your price range.

18 - Finance Providers and Finding Money
Money from Finance Providers, research all possibilities and you may find that it is possible to fund your business for far less than you expected.

17 - Internet Purchasing
Your Company and Internet Purchasing, selling on the internet makes it possible in most cases to sell your products directly to the consumer.

16 - Grow a Small Business with Our Top Tips
Our Top Tips to to Grow a Small Business, Looking for a means to grow a small business can seem like a daunting task, but it certainly does not have to be.

15 - Affects of Cash Flow
The Affects of Cash Flow on Your Company, Cash flow is often considered as a very important aspect of a company, so how do you keep it positive?

14 - Stay Profitable With Invoice Discounting
Financial Stability with Invoice Discounting, Trying to keep a company in fine operating order can often be a very difficult task, especially when there is not enough money coming in to keep the company profitable.

13 - Help Find an Investor With EIS Status
Will Getting EIS Status for Your Business Help Find an Investor, EIS, otherwise known as Enterprise Investment Schemes, allow for govenment tax relief for investors.

12 - The Right Time to Exit a Business
Finding the Right Time to Exit a Business, has the investment of money and ones own hours given a return needed to meet the investors own expectations.

11 - Enquiries from Purchasers
How to deal with enquiries from purchasers, you may benefit from hiring a Business Broker who will be there with you for every step of the business buying and selling process.

10 - Prospective Purchaser Questions
What questions do you ask a prospective purchaser to find out if they are serious?, you must aggressively investigate any and all potential buyers to get the best available deal when selling your business.

9 - Guide to Management Buyouts
Buyouts by the Management, Management buyouts, in major legal aspects, are essentially the same as other types of company acquisitions.

8 - Planning for Retirement Handover
How to plan for a retirement handover, are you going to find yourself with very little if anything to your name by the age of sixty-five?

7 - Determine The Value of Your Business
How to determine a valuation of your business, take the time to get an appraisal of your business before selling it, you could achieve as much as twenty-percent more.

6 - Successful Growth Management
Growth Management, growth presents a number of new challenges that must be dealt with if growth is to be sustained.

5 - Responsibilities of a Board of Directors
The responsibilities of your board of directors, the board of directors is generally responsible for setting the policies and objectives of a company.

4 - Floating Your Business
The benefits costs and draw backs of floating your business, There are lots of reasons both for and against floating a company, we take a close look at them.

3 - Plan Your Future Exit
How to Plan Your Exit, Whatever your plans are for the future, you will need to start making preparations now, to be in the best financial condition when you exit your business.

2 - Find a Suitable Investor - We Tell You How
Finding a suitable investor, Business models that are unusual or which require an influx of cash before results can be proven need to find an alternate source of funding.

1 - Use Investment in Growing Your Business
Grow your business by taking in investment, Whilst it can be a difficult and time-consuming process to get investment for your business, it ultimately results in a strong payoff.

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